Scooter Ride With Virgin Cousin

I use to check out her assets whenever I got an opportunity and she’s got everything to turn on a guy. My age is 20 and she is one year younger than me. She resembles the south Indian actress Nithya Menon. She has got big rounded boobs and the perfect shape and a nice ass. We were not that close but met mainly at family functions and get-togethers.

During May, as she was taking her entrance examinations, she had to stay at my home as the center allotted to her was near my home and far away from hers. So she arrived the day before the exams.

Neha was dressed quite sexy, in salwar kameez and leggings and it revealed her perfect shape. She was given the guest room on the top floor. That night, I blew my load fantasizing about her. I even checked her out during the night but didn’t disturb her as she had an exam the day after.

The next day, I was supposed to drop her at the exam center. That morning, due to some reason, the car would not start. It was getting late. So instead of calling a cab, I told I will drop her in the scooter. She seemed hesitant at first, but there was no option but that.

Having a big boobed chick in the back of a two-wheeler is a dream for any boy!

The scooter didn’t have a support in the back to grip on so she was sitting quite awkwardly. While riding, the scooter jumped over a pothole and she suddenly leaned on me and got hold over my stomach. That feeling was surreal. Pressing of her big boobs got me an instant hard-on and I was on cloud nine. It was my first experience of touching a girl’s boobs. From then, till the exam center, she held onto me as the road was bad. I had a good time feeling her!

While on the way back, I told her to hold me and she did without hesitation as she had no option. I purposely jumped on potholes to feel her boobs.

After we reached home, I jerked off. She had a smile on her face later that day whenever she saw me. After some loose talks and dinner, we went to our rooms for sleeping. But I couldn’t sleep imagining all that action on the scooter.

After some time, I ensured that my parents were asleep. Then I went upstairs to her room. She was also sound asleep and I thought I would use the chance. It was a double bed so I lay beside her and removed the blanket till her hip.

I got hold of her boobs from behind and started feeling and massaging them. I got an erection and was kind of spooning her. She moaned a bit giving a sign that she was awake. I reduced the speed a little and then gathered pace again. This time she woke, turned around and saw me. We both were shocked and looked at each other sitting up on the bed.

Without saying anything, I hugged her and placed my lips on hers. At first, she resisted but then she joined in. We had a good 10 minutes of smooching and french kissing. We broke our kiss and the continued on for another 5 minutes after taking some breath.

I then bolted the door so that no one would see us. I removed my t-shirt and shorts and was only in my underwear. She was dressed in a tank top and shorts and I removed them. This revealed her boobs that were held up by the bra cups and her panty, which was already wet due to the steamy action.

Then I went from kissing the neck to her navel while fondling her boobs with my hands. She was moaning all along. Then I removed her bra and wet panty. She was completely naked now and a feast to watch. I played with her boobs and sucked them. This got me on cloud nine. I bit her nipples and sucked them while she moaned. I put a hand on her mouth as I feared she would wake someone.

Then I took my hand to her pussy. It was already wet due to all the foreplay. I licked around the clitoris and teased her by putting my tongue inside. She was enjoying to the fullest. I used my finger to enter her. But she was a virgin and had her hymen intact. I continued on with licking on her pussy while fondling her navel and abdomen. She started shouting, “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Luckily, I had her mouth covered so the voice didn’t reach beyond the room. I removed my underwear and took my 6-inch tool in my hand. It was already erect and was ready to thrust in. It was my first real experience and was quite scared.

But with all that action, I couldn’t resist myself. I thrust into her pussy and she moaned in pain as her hymen started to expand. And with 2-3 thrusts, it broke. Some blood oozed out but I kept thrusting in and we both were enjoying to our fullest. I was quite aroused and about to cum so I pulled out to avoid the danger and cummed all over her.

She was too quite exhausted and had multiple orgasms during the steamy session. After some rest, we decided to clean up and went to the toilet.

I helped her clean off all that cum and we were bathing together in the shower when the heat started building up again. This is time after some smooches, she went down on her knees and I seated myself on the commode. She took my tool in the mouth and started giving me a blowjob. I was enjoying it to the fullest while she deep throated my 6-inch penis. She sucked and licked all over it and I couldn’t control and blew my load into her mouth.

We cleaned ourselves up and went back to our rooms for sleeping. It was my first experience and will never forget this all through my life. She gave me the best time of my life. While she was leaving, I dropped her off at the railway station, she had the same naughty smile on her face.

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