Housewife screwed inside Taxi

As we all know when married females wear sexy clothes perverts rape them through their eyes.

A housewife (Debina) wearing Tank tops & skirt with figure statistics was returning from a small function, she took the taxi as there was a bus strike.

Taxi driver used to stare her via mirror as it was afternoon time and no traffic would be there.

Housewife caught his attention and asked him why are you staring at me.

He said Miss, you are so much beautiful & gorgeous. Suddenly his taxi tyre got punctured. Housewife getting frustrated as there were no other transport options. The taxi driver had chloroform bottle. As the road was total silent he took the opportunity by using 3 drops of chloroform on a handkerchief. He grabbed housewife from behind putting a handkerchief on her mouth which made her unconscious.

Taxi driver lifted her and took inside his taxi. He made her nude inside the taxi. He started sucking her 32 size c cup breasts.

The housewife was making protesting sounds like Please don’t do it.

He became wilder.

She started “Ooohhhh aahhhhhhh Sssssssshhhh. Fuck this pusssyyyy. Fuck me harder.

He became wild, he enjoyed housewife till both of them reached orgasm.

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